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    Alumi Craft Launches Exciting New Truck Design

    Alumi Craft 6100 Race Truck

    Santee, CA

    Construction is nearly completed on a brand new truck chassis at Alumi Craft Race Cars. Alumi Craft builds incredible open wheeled prerunners and race cars that dominate in their pursuits. They have a long list of happy customers with many great adventures, impressive race wins, and championship titles to their names. Alumi Craft takes pride in their customer service and well-earned brand loyalty so when some customers were contemplating a move to the 6100/Spec Trophy Truck classes, they responded. Their customers did not want to give up the intelligent design and impeccable craftsmanship of their Alumi Craft open wheel cars. Alumi Crafts’ truck design incorporates those same race proven design features but in a truck configuration. The new truck chassis has the simple, clean design and radiused roof line that make it easily recognizable as an Alumi Craft.

    Alumi Craft Race Cars, Trophy Truck

    John Cooley and Craig Hall from Hall Designs collaborated on the new truck. “We spent a lot of time on the computer taking the ideas in John’s head and putting them in CAD,” said Craig Hall, “I created the models and contributed some of my experience with several truck designs in the past to get the scale and proportions we wanted, John already knows what works for chassis and suspension designs.”

    Alumi Craft Fabrication, Class 6100, Spec Trophy Truck

    ac_16_6100truck_04_sm    Alumi Craft, Spec TT, Welding

    The 6100/Spec Trophy Truck class has exploded in popularity. Every competitor runs a sealed crate motor that levels the playing field; similar to the open wheeled class 10, where Alumi Craft flat out dominates. When everyone has the same level of horsepower, the minute details and functionality of your vehicle becomes vital. That’s where Alumi Craft excels and why their customers did not want to give up their edge by going with another builder.

    Alumi Craft 6100 Race Truck, Spec TT

    Alumi Craft’s success comes from continuously applying the latest technology into everything they build. They are constantly testing and tuning and most importantly, they listen to feedback from their customers. Alumi Craft has a long winning record in competition but they also build the most reliable and best performing prerunners available. Regardless if you are doing course reconnaissance, racing for a trophy or just having a blast with your friends, Alumi Craft is dedicated to providing you with a fun, safe and reliable vehicle that exceeds your expectations. If you demand the best, give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 to find out more about our race products and services.

    Photography By: Bink Designs