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    Alumi Craft Pro Buggy Racer Eliott Watson Makes Big Comeback In Reno

    Alumi Craft Pro Buggy Racer Eliott Watson Makes Big Comeback In Reno

    Sparks, NV

    The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) kicked open the gates at Wild West Motorsports Park in Sparks, NV just outside of Reno. The course features long straight-a-ways and major elevation changes with enough technical obstacles to make it a driver’s favorite. Maintaining speed is the name of the game and Pro Buggy Driver Eliott Watson had the speed flowing on tap all weekend to capture the Round 6 win for a big time comeback in the #3 Alumi Craft Race Car.

    Alumi Craft Race Cars, Lucas Oil Off Road, Pro Buggy

    Watson showed his cards early laying down the fastest lap times during Friday’s Practice Session 1. For the remaining practice sessions, Eliott maintained his momentum and continued to show he was going to be dominant player on the track.

    A mid-summer thunder storm showed up with the wild card and poured out uncertainty in the morning and forced delays later in the afternoon. The Pro Buggy Division got lucky and were one of the classes to have a chance at qualifying. Watson bested the rest of the field with the fastest time on his final lap to qualify on the pole. Eliott was awarded 5 additional championship points for his efforts.

    Alumi Craft Race Cars, Eliott Watson, Pro Buggy, Wild West Motorsports Park, Bink Designs

    Now under the lights and starting on the front row gave Eliott some room to breathe. From the green flag to checkers it was Watson’s Alumi Craft Pro Buggy leading every lap. The race behind the leader was chaotic at best with a few close calls, several spin outs and multiple restarts. In other words, there was plenty of opportunity for Watson to make mistakes, or to be taken out by fellow competitors. However, the cards were good for Elliot and he had the speed and a flawless race car to take the win.

    Eliott Watson, Alumi Craft Pro Buggy, BFGoodrich Tires, Lucas Oil Off Road, Bink Designs

    “It’s been exactly a year since we got our last win in the Pro Buggy,” stated Watson. “We were finally able to put a race together and our team is STOKED! Thank you to everyone who has put in so much time and effort into making this Alumi Craft Buggy so fast”

    Alumi Craft Race Cars, Pro Buggy, Eliott Watson, FOX, Bink Designs

    With the extra five point bonus awarded for fastest qualifying lap time, Watson is now 3rd in points and five ahead of 4th place. The extra speed proved to be Eliott’s weekend valuable “Ace” up the sleeve. Elliot hopes to close in on Pro Buggy points leader Darren Hardesty Jr with only eight points separating 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

    Alumi Craft Pro Buggy, Eliott Watson, Off Road Racing, Bink Designs, Wild West Motorsports Park, Reno

    Winning a championship could be compared to a season long poker match. You got to play the game with the cards you are dealt. Reliability, Performance, Speed, and Control sounds like a good hand to play at any round. With Alumi Craft Race Cars, you can stack the deck in your favor and the advantage is clear. They offer many types of cars for competition or pleasure and a long list of services and support. If you demand the best, give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 to find out more about our race products and services.

    Photography By: Bink Designs