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    Alumi Craft Race Cars Sweep ERX Podiums with Trey Gibbs Winning Back-To-Back

    Alumi Craft Race Cars Sweep ERX Podiums with Trey Gibbs Winning Back-To-Back

    Elk River, MN

    The Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League (LOMSCL) brought out the heat to ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota for two days of intense short course racing. Warm July temperatures set the mood, and off-road motorsports is a summertime favorite for Midwest fans. The crowds at ERX got treated to a double-sized helping with two rounds taking place starting on Friday and ending on Saturday. The Super Buggy field featured a sizable 11 car field with the region’s top competitors facing a west coast foe; Trey D Gibbs, who had most recently won back-to-back victories at Crandon. Gibbs is on a roll and was able to keep the streak going winning each round and Alumi Craft Racers filling out the podium both days at ERX.

    Trey D Gibbs, Alumi Craft Race Cars, ERX Motor Park, Elk River, Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League, Bink Designs

    ERX is an exciting venue that host various forms of motorsports and a wide variety of events. The management recently made some major changes improving the fan experience and also altered track configuration that made for some amazing racing. With the new additions, various racing obstacles, high speed layout, and big air jumps, ERX is a Midwest gem and racers favorite.

    Gibbs, now aiming for an LMSCL Super Buggy Championship after the huge wins at Crandon, invested in a trip out to ERX a few weeks before to burn some laps at ERX, try out vehicle setups, and confirm the car was ready for the race weekend. Apparently, Trey and the team had it dialed in because the #15 Self Made Training Center Alumi Craft were timed over one second faster during Thursday’s Practice Session.

    Friday’s Race 1, began with a pretty clean run through Lap 1. A small bobble bunched the cars up on the first Turn, and Michael Hester in the #9 Alumi Craft was able to grab the lead by the end of the first lap with the #94 Alumi Craft of Michael Meister grabbing 3rd position. Lap 2 saw a yellow flag come out to retrieve a disabled car off the track, so all the Super Buggies were racked back up for a Re-start. By this time, Trey had climbed up into 4th position and would be well placed to move up.

    Michael Hester, Alumi Craft Super Buggy, Bink Designs, ERX, Short Course

    On the green flag, Meister flew off the front stretch jump but would land a little crossed up and would hit the cement wall with the right rear wheel very hard. Amazingly the Alumi Craft kept going with no issues. Gibbs moved passed Meister and soon after took the lead position with a blazing fast run through the split lanes into the rhythm section.

    Michael Meister, Alumi Craft Race Cars, MORR, ERX, Super Buggy, Bink Designs

    From there, Gibbs put distance on the rest of the field and ran lap after lap with no competitors even getting close. Trey was running a full second faster over Meister who was next quickest. At the competition caution restart, Gibbs pulled away again with a clearly defined advantaged of faster speeds, dialed-in suspension, and better line around the track. Trey brought it to the checkers for the win with Michael Meister finishing 2nd place and Michael Hester in 3rd.

    Trey D Gibbs, Alumi Craft Race Cars, Off Road Racing, ERX, Bink Designs

    “It was a super good first day!” declared Gibbs. “I started pretty far back in 11th, and I just had to make moves and make them smart. I worked my way through the pack to lead the race to the checkered flag. You had to watch out for the bumps and the split lanes was pretty chewed up which made for a crazy race. It is a super fun track here at ERX. We were able to come out testing a few weeks ago because it is an all-new track for me. We got to try some new things, and it all paid off with getting this Alumi Craft Race Car dialed to come out here and race with these guys.”

    Trey D Gibbs, Alumi Craft Super Buggy, Bink Designs, Bilstein

    Saturday’s Race 2, started as a total scrambler with the lead group getting into each other, and then multiple cars spinning out. This debacle cleared the way for Gibbs to jump out front and take the lead after starting in the very back of the field. Again, Trey Gibbs Alumi Craft was unmatched as he outpaced the field to the checkered flag. Gibbs fastest time around the track was 57.562 Seconds at 65.043 Miles Per Hour.
    Behind Gibbs, it was a very close race to the finish line for 2nd place. Michael Hester bettered his 3rd place finish and moved up one on the podium to 2nd place by fending off Michael Meister, who was making a hard charge and ultimately crossed the line 1/3 of a second shy. If there had been another 10 feet of track, it might have been flipped. Meister finished 3rd to round out another all Alumi Craft Podium for Saturday’s Pro Buggy Race.

    Alumi Craft Race Cars, Super Buggy, Trey D Gibbs, Michael Meister, Michael Hester, ERX, Bink Designs

    Trey Gibbs – #15 Alumi Craft
    “I want to give it all to my guys. They put in super hard work, and they do it all for me to get out there to perform. It was a great race, I started pretty far back there again, and there was a good amount of chaos on that first lap, but I was able to steer clear of it and get to the front pretty quick. We ran it clean other than a few minor mistakes. I want to thank Alumi Craft Race Cars, 1, 2, and 3 on the podium and BFGoodrich Tires too. That goes to show how great these products are!”

    Michael Hester – #94 Alumi Craft
    “It was very tuff trying to keep up with these guys. We did everything we could. A little shock adjustment and a few changes to the Alumi Craft and it worked out great for us. We got it hooked up and could almost keep up with Trey, but he is really fast. We did the best we could.”

    Michael Meister – #9 Alumi Craft
    “My spotter Brad was doing really good helping me see other people’s lines. I was trying different lines than everyone else. That is the only way to get by somebody. The track was great today, and I am happy with 3rd place. The first lap was tough, people spinning out pretty much the whole lap. That slowed me up, and these guys were able to get ahead real quick and then I had to battle through. But I am happy with the podium finish. It is pretty cool! Three Alumi Craft cars just battling out there. It was super fun.”

    Alumi Craft Race Cars paired up with talented drivers, allows for consistent race wins. If you are hunting for a championship like young Trey Gibbs, there is no mistaking a winning streak like four straight victories. It is all about performance and reliability, and Alumi Craft is the preferred platform of winning off road racers. Call Alumi Craft Race Cars for an expert consultation on what is needed to win races. Give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 to find out more about our race products and services.

    Photography By: Bink Designs