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    Alumi Craft Racer Cody Reid Wins 50th Baja 1000, Dickerson Takes The Title

    Alumi Craft Racer Cody Reid Wins 50th Baja 1000, Dickerson Takes The Title

    La Paz, Baja California Sur

    Alumi Craft racer Cody Reid did what every racer dreams of at the 50th anniversary Baja 1000; he had a perfect race. Normally perfection only exists in nature. On the Baja Peninsula, nature seems designed to destroy race cars. Although incredibly beautiful, the sand, rocks, whoops, and silt, in Baja is incredibly punishing. For the 50th anniversary race, there were 1134 miles of it.

    Alumi Craft Race Cars, Class 10, SCORE Baja 1000, Broc Dickerson, BFGoodrich Tires, Bink Designs

    Because of the challenging terrain and the length of the course, many racers bring in other drivers so whoever is behind the wheel is at 100%. Cody brought an intimidating group of fast drivers; Adam Pfankuch, Curt Geer, and Sammy Ehrenberg. With an Alumi Craft car, a great crew, fast drivers, and excellent prep work from Daniel Folts, they had all the bases covered. The only thing left to do was to get lady luck on-board.

    Cody Reid, SCORE Baja 1000, Alumi Craft Race Cars, Bink Designs

    “This probably won’t make a good story but we had a flawless day,” said Cody, “We had no flats, we didn’t get stuck, we had no problems at all. Adam was in the car and he kept moving up until he caught the class one cars. Curt got in and set a really fast pace. When he got out we were up with the class one leaders. Sammy had a really fast run and then I brought it home to La Paz. We got past the final class one car and passed a Trophy Truck before we made the finish. We earned the respect of a lot of the unlimited guys. The Trophy Truck teams were very surprised to see us finish with them. We stopped every 300 miles just to look at the car, dump some fuel and to put on rear tires. We changed tires as a precaution; we finished on the same front set that we started on. We built up a 100 mile lead to the next class 10 car and beat the first class one to the finish by 45 minutes. We won the first SCORE Baja Sur race and now the 50th anniversary with the race of a lifetime. We will be framing the flag we got at the finish line. Our Alumi Craft ran so strong; Daniel did an amazing job prepping the car.” Cody and crew took an overwhelming win and finished 8th place overall, an amazing performance for a limited class car.

    Cody Reid, RPI Racing, Alumi Craft Class 10, SCORE Baja 1000, Off Road, Bink Designs

    It was obvious that Cody Reid and their team had a great car and lady luck riding along. Up until this race, Lady Luck had been riding with Alumi Craft racer Broc Dickerson. An experienced short course racer, (also in an Alumi Craft), Dickerson was competing in his rookie season in the desert and won every race heading into the Baja 1000. Early in the race he experienced some bad luck. The bolts holding a rear hub on failed, causing additional damage to the brakes. Taking place in a remote area, it took 2 hours of work to make a trail fix that would allow them to reach their crew.

    Alumi Craft Race Cars, Class 10, Broc Dickerson Class 10 SCORE Champion, SCORE Baja 1000, Bink Designs

    “We were pacing ourselves because it’s such a long race,” said Dickerson, “We got passed by Navarro who was pushing hard, (last year’s champion, also in an Alumi Craft). We were running with him just outside his dust when the hub sheared off. We got going again but lost a lot of time. Despite only having brakes on 3 wheels we didn’t have any other problems until San Felipe when we lost an alternator. Darren Hardesty Sr. got in the car and was taking it to Loreto when he got stuck in the silt. The deep silt took out another alternator. After losing so much time our goal was to get to the finish and wrap up the championship. I got back in the car to do the last 300 miles and the car was running great. If not for the early problems we had, we might have had another win. I wanted to push hard but decided to play it smart and make sure I got to the finish. I was really tired and just wanted to lay down for a rest. I drove the Baja 500 the whole way and didn’t feel tired but I had been up for 30 hours. It was a great race and we were really proud to make a name for ourselves this season by winning the championship.”

    Broc Dickerson, Alumi Craft Class 10, Baja 1000, Bink Designs

    Cody Reid had an amazing race at the Baja 1000, and Broc Dickerson had an incredible season with 3 straight wins and the championship, (Reid finished second in the points). Despite the time he lost due to some broken bolts, he still managed a top ten finish. Both drivers had strong cars after hours of punishment on the course.

    Alumi Craft Race Cars, Cody Reid, 50th SCORE Baja 1000, Class 10, Bink Designs

    They might have been on opposite ends of the spectrum, but they both had the same legendary performance from their Alumi Craft cars. Alumi Craft gives racers the confidence they need to keep pushing when things get tough. The superior performance provided by Alumi Craft is on tap whenever they line up to race. Whether you are racing in the desert, prerunning or competing on the track, Alumi Craft is committed to providing you with a competitive, safe and reliable vehicle that exceeds your expectations. If you demand the best, give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 or go to: http://alumicraft.info/ to find out more about our race products and services.

    Photography By: Bink Designs