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    Alumi Craft Racer Danny Brown Is The Overall Winner of the Gundy 400 in Australia

    Alumi Craft Racer Danny Brown Is The Overall Winner of the Gundy 400 in Australia

    Goondiwindi, Queensland Australia

    The ARB Goondiwindi 400, or Gundy 400 for short, is an off road race through the farmlands and wilderness of Goondiwindi in the Queensland Territory. Just four hours west of Brisbane, Goondiwindi is regarded as one of the hardest off road desert races in all of Australia. For this reason, the competition is attracted with all the best racers around giving it everything they can muster to claim victory over their counterparts. Alumi Craft racer Danny Brown earned the overall win in the Unlimited Class #1 Alumi Craft Pro Buggy.

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    Danny Brown, the reigning ARB Australian Off Road Racing Champion, took on the Gundy 400 in a freshly delivered Alumi Craft Race Car after competing in the Norra Mexican 1000 in April. There was a total of 74 competitors in this year’s race with 9 featured in the Unlimited Class. Danny bested all racers over the 5 Lap 80 Kilometer track with a total time of 4 Hours 27 Minutes and 51.799 Seconds. It appears the Alumi Craft Pro Buggy was good to go right out of the box and was the perfect machine to conquer the difficult and rough course.

    “It’s really a tough track,” is the common description muttered by the Goondiwindi 400 competitors. Race organizers strongly urge all racers to respect the track. “If you don’t respect the track, it will bite back hard.” Big holes, rough, dusty, and technical. The track has a lot of “Gotchas” and “Melon Holes” which will send the cars flying and bouncing through the air as many as 200 times per lap. It is really tough on the cars and mind numbing for the drivers all day. “You have to be on the ball for sure. It will beat up your equipment if you let it.”

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    “We had a pretty flawless race,” declared Danny. “I qualified 5th in the Prologue and from there we maintained a consistent pace all weekend despite a minor engine issue causing it to run on 7 cylinders for 4 out 5 of laps. The Alumi Craft was just dialed which allowed us to stay up and battle for the win. I got to dice it out with my dad [Andy Brown in the #45] for the last two laps, so that was a pretty special race.”

    Danny went on, “We can credit the strength of the Alumi Craft to our win! We were lacking power, so we had to push super hard in the rough. I have raced a trophy truck here before and I pushed this Alumi Craft Pro Buggy way harder. It is amazing in the rough and just took a beating. We have a 100% finishing rate on this car, which comes down to the vehicle’s solid design and the meticulous prep carried out by our crew at the shop.

    Gundy is also known to be a genuine drivers track and very strenuous for any off road racer. You cannot let your guard down for a second. You must know when to be on it and when to be off of it. There are high speed sections and concentration is paramount calculating entry speeds over and through the many obstacles. Breaking concentration can send you home early. It’s the hardest track in the country.

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    All the racers understand and give credit to the winners with much respect. Danny Brown carries a lot of that as he has won the Gundy 400 three times in the last four years and also scored a 2nd place in last year’s event.

    With this new Alumi Craft, we can expect many more race wins and podium finishes. If you demand the best, give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 to find out more about our race products and services.

    Photography By: Aaron Hutt & Andrew Stott