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    Alumi Craft Racer Richard Glaszczak Lights Up Midnight Special With Third Straight Win


    Lucerne Valley, CA

    Alumi Craft Racer Richard Glaszczak and Son Kelton took their third straight win in the SNORE series at the Midnight Special in Lucerne Valley, California. Racing from sunset into the night, they outpaced their competition while battling with bigger, heavier, 6100 trucks on the course. “We were in seventh place and picking off cars on lap one,” said Richard Glaszczak, “We worked our way past a pair of 6100 trucks but when the dust cleared, there were two more ahead of us. We got past them too and set our sights on another class 10 car next. We caught and passed them, but we got a flat tire on the sand hill.”

    Richard came upon a cluster of stuck vehicles on a sandy uphill section of the course. While picking a line through the turmoil, he struck a boulder causing a flat tire on the left front. Not wanting to relinquish a position, he continued on to the next pit. The 10 car they had passed went by when they stopped. After a quick stop, they took off in pursuit. Eventually, the other car also had to pit so they regained the position the easy way. On the final lap, Richard turned the car over to Kelton who was riding in the right seat for the first three laps. His instructions were to maintain the pace and bring the car home.


    Kelton was following a truck through a rough section of the course. Thanks to some precise tuning on the Alumi Craft’s shocks by John Hoffman and the power from their Danzio race engine, he was able to go wide open in that section; the truck was not. The truck checked up and Kelton made contact; ripping the lights off his front bumper. He was left with only the roof mounted light bar to show the way through the dust and darkness. Despite limited vision and a lack of communications with the pit, Kelton had the confidence in his Alumi Craft to maintain his blistering pace.

    “Our Alumi Craft was perfect again, Said Richard, “We finished first in class and third overall. Our times were right there with the unlimited trucks. The car never skipped a beat. Thanks to Alumi Craft, the RPM Muffler crew, and Maxima Racing Oil, we are in the class 10 points lead and second in overall points in the SNORE series. We were running some really fast laps, it was fun!”

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    Photography By: Bink Designs