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    Alumi Craft Racers Win Two-Day Events On Opposite Sides Of The Globe

    Millicent, South Australia / Tijuana, Baja California Mexico

    Alumi Craft racers Tyler Owen, and Broc Dickerson each won two-day events racing across the globe from each other. Owen, driving an Australian Pro Buggy V8, took the overall win at the 40th anniversary Teagle Excavations ARB Pines Enduro held at Teagle’s Quarry, near Millicent, South Australia. Broc Dickerson was on the other side of the world winning class 10 at the Tijuana SCORE Desert Challenge in Baja, Mexico. Although they each faced totally different conditions, their challenge was the same. They had to survive two days of brutal racing against a field of tough competitors. Speed, consistency, and durability were all put to the test.

    Tyler Owens, ARB Pines Enduro, Alumi Craft Buggy, Australian Off Road Racing, Australian Pro Buggy

    “On Saturday we qualified in the 5th position in dry conditions and had a trouble-free run,” said Tyler Owen, “A lot of overnight rain, and a reverse grid starting order for the Sunday race, made for an extremely slippery track. We moved in to 2nd place outright and at the first break, we found 2 damaged CV boots that had to be repaired. On lap 3-4 we had heavy rain again which made for poor visibility. It was hard to push, and make up time so we decided to take a conservative run and not make too many mistakes. On lap 5-6 we had a 7 minute gap to the lead car and the rain had stopped.

    Tyler Owen, Alumi Craft Australian Pro Buggy V8, ARB Series

    We were able to push hard again with around 15 km to go. On lap 6, we caught the leader who was having power steering issues. We overtook them on a road section and were able to pull enough time to grab a 5 second win. Our Alumi Craft was fast, and an extremely predictable car to drive in slippery conditions all day.”

    Tyler Owen, Australian Off Road, Alumi Craft Pro Buggy V8

    Tyler Owen Wins ARB Pines Enduro, Australian Off Road, ARB Series

    Broc Dickerson was not dodging pine trees in the rain like Tyler Owen was, he was dodging big rocks on narrow dusty ridgelines in Baja. Dickerson was running a conservative race to protect his points lead but still managed to take the win.

    Broc Dickerson, Alumi Craft Class 10, SCORE Tijuana Desert Challenge, Off Road Racing

    “We needed to be smart, and get to the finish,” said Broc Dickerson, “On Saturday we had no problems, no flats, and nothing to slow us down. The course was much different on Sunday. Every lap pulled up more rocks, and the ruts were deep after they ran the big trucks on Saturday. The ridgelines were narrow and some had steep drops on both sides. There was not much room to pass, and a lot of stuff to get you out there. We saw cars in ditches, high-centered on rocks and on the side of the course changing flat tires. On day one we had problems getting past other cars. On day two, we would give them the horn and they would move over. I think they were just trying to survive.”

    Broc Dickerson Wins Tijuana SCORE Desert Challenge, Alumi Craft Race Cars, Class 10

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    Photography By: Get Some Photo & Dirt Comp