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    Alumi Craft Starts 2016 Back On Top Of Podium At Parker 425

    Roger Starkey Wins Parker 425

    Parker, AZ

    It feels like just yesterday we were reporting on Alumi Craft racers sweeping the podium at the final Best In The Desert race of 2015, the Henderson 250. Alumi Craft racers also took the top two spots in the season long points championship there. During the 2016 season opener, the Parker 425 in Parker, Arizona, a familiar face was on top of the podium; class 10 defending champion and Alumi Craft racer Roger Starkey Jr. Being the points champion, Starkey would get the pole position for the race. He jumped out to the lead and never looked back.

    Alumi Craft, Roger Starkey Jr, Class 10, Parker 425, Bink Designs

    “We got the hole shot and led the entire race,” said Starkey, “We made one stop for fuel and a driver change but had mostly clean air all day. I kept waiting for someone to sneak up on us but they never came. We had a seven minute lead going into lap three so I got out and my Dad, (Roger Sr.) got in and he put even more time on second place. It was awesome to share this win with him. It was just a flawless day in the Alumi Craft. We are already prepping the car for the Mint 400. We won the Mint last year, so we are excited to get back there and defend our title.”

    Alumi Craft Class 10, Off Road Race Cars, Roger Starkey Jr, Best In The Desert, Bink Designs

    Third place on the podium in Parker was Cory Goin who was racing his new Alumi Craft class 10 for the first time. “I strapped in at the start and never got out of the car,” said Goin, “I had my daughters riding shotgun for the race; Kaily did lap one and Lauren rode on lap two. For the third lap, Robbie Suprenant took over the co-driving. We stopped to change co-drivers and for fuel way too often, but it was our first time in the new car and we were sorting out our fuel mileage and logistics.

    Alumi Craft Class 10, Parker 425, Corey Goin, Bink Designs, Off Road Buggy

    We could have easily finished second if we didn’t make 5 stops. My crew chief Casey Jefferies did not tell us our split times; he just said to drive the car. On our third lap, he came over the radio saying we were 30 seconds behind third place and we had 10 miles to close the gap if we wanted to finish on the podium. The car was still in perfect shape, so I let it go! I feel bad for Waibel but we’ve been there too.” The team parked the car after the race. They will run the SNORE race in Ridgecrest to give them around 800 miles on the car and then tear it down for a full inspection. They want to put as many miles on the car as possible; their ultimate goal is to go for a win at the legendary SCORE, Baja 1000.

    Corey Goin, Alumi Craft Chassis, Parker 425, Off Road Race Cars, Bink Designs

    The Waibel that Cory Goin spoke of was fellow Alumi Craft racer Keith Waibel who got displaced to fourth place by Goin. Waibel was ill before the race and did not know if he would be able to drive at all. “My good friend Jason Morgan took over the driver’s seat for me,” said Waibel, “He hit a huge rock out by Bouse, then had to stop in the pits to grab a spare. I was able to get in on lap three. We finished third across the line but Goin beat us on corrected time by 23 seconds. It hurt to lose a podium by so little, but we are happy to have such a good run; our Alumi Craft is so reliable. We will be back at the Mint for another solid run.”

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    Photography By: Bink Designs