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    Back To Back And Two In A Row For Alumi Craft Racer Roger Starkey

    Back To Back And Two In A Row For Alumi Craft Racer Roger Starkey

    Las Vegas, NV

    Every racer wants a Mint 400 trophy on their mantle. After a tough battle with several Alumi Craft class 10 cars, Roger Starkey Jr. earned back to back wins at The Mint 400. The win gives him a perfect season, taking his second win out of two, 400 mile, Best In The Desert races. Alumi Craft racers Geoffrey Cooley, in the new car, TJ Tuls, and Keith Waibel, were all in contention for the win during this wild battle.

    Alumi Craft, Class 1000, The Mint 400, Roger Starkey, Bink Designs

    Due to his win at the season opener in Parker, Starkey would start the mint 400 on the pole. From the drop of the green flag, it was a sprint race. Starkey battled at a blistering pace with the second place car. Both cars suffered flat tires from the sharp rocks that litter the course, causing them to swap the lead back and forth. This allowed Alumi Craft racers TJ Tuls and Geoffrey Cooley to overtake the pair with Keith Weibel in the mix too.

    Alumi Craft, Geoffrey Cooley, Bink Designs, BFGoodrich Tires, FOX

    In a frantic battle right to the finish, Tuls had a flat tire within sight of the finish line. Starkey’s car came in first across the line with Daniel Folts behind the wheel. Tuls crossed the line with a shorter elapsed time giving him second place on corrected time. Keith Waibel was a close fourth.

    Keith Waibel, Alumi Craft Race Cars, Class 10, Bink Designs, The Mint 400

    “The first lap was pretty intense,” said Starkey, “It was a lot faster than I planned to go. We finally got out front and put time on second place. I recently had back surgery so I pulled into the pits and Daniel Folts got in. He built on the lead but then got a flat tire. The impact gun was not working so he lost several positions; Tuls had 4 or 5 minutes on us. I told Daniel to push, the car will take it. Daniel did a great job; pulled out the win with a minute to spare. The car was a little dusty but still looked perfect after the race. That’s why I chose an Alumi Craft, they are great right out of the box, and they take a beating but never go away.”

    Roger Starkey, Alumi Craft Race Cars, The Mint 400, Bink Designs

    “Our Alumi Craft was awesome, it ran great all day,” said Tuls, “We started back in tenth beside Geoff in the new Alumi Craft. I kept constant pressure on him until I got around him. Then he was in my mirror dogging me. We made some fine adjustments to the suspension before the race and there were no whoops on the course that we could not keep it pinned through; it was a lot of fun. We saw Starkey coming and I got a flat, then Coleman passed us but we had enough time to still finish second. I’m having fun, this is a very competitive class; you have to be on your game. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.”

    TJ Tuls, Alumi Craft Race Cars, Milk N It Motorsports, Baja Designs, The Mint 400, Bink Designs

    Starkey and Tuls were not the only Alumi Craft racers to reach the podium at the Mint. Scott Bailey and the MavTV team were third in the unlimited class 1500, his second podium in a row on this course.

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    Nathan Martino also finished third in class 2000 despite losing his cutting brake. “It was really rough out there,” said Martino, “On the first lap, it looked like a junkyard out there with so many cars on the side of the course. We lost some time in the turns when the cutting brake went out but the car was really fast! Our Alumi Craft is very light; we were able to hit 80 mph on some of the long stretches. We kept digging all day and ended up on the podium again.”

    Nathan Martino, The Mint 400, Alumi Craft Class 2000, Class 1600, The Mint 400, Bink Designs

    The diverse range of competitive Alumi Craft cars will be even more varied when the new 6100 trucks start rolling out of the shop. The prototype was on display during contingency on Friday; drawing big crowds of onlookers.

    Alumi Craft 6100 Race Truck, Spec TT, Spec Trophy Truck, Trophy Truck Chassis, FOX, Bink Designs

    The Mint 400 proved again the consistency and superior performance provided by Alumi Craft’s meticulously designed and constructed race cars. No matter the terrain, the competition, or the class, Alumi Craft is committed to providing you with a competitive, safe and reliable vehicle that exceeds your expectations. If you demand the best, give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841.

    Photography By: Bink Designs