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    SCORE Tijuana Desert Challenge Surprised by Broc Dickerson’s Class 10 Finish – 3rd Overall

    Tijuana, Baja California Mexico

    As the vast open wilderness is slowly encroached on by urban development, off road desert racing is something to be cherished. For desert racers, the preference is to race as many off road miles as possible. Apparently the longer and rougher is also better. SCORE International’s latest hustle to find new trails and untapped miles, is the Tijuana Desert Challenge. Alumi Craft Class 10 Buggy Racer, Broc Dickerson surprised the field by placing 3rd overall out of 106 four wheeled entries with a combined finishing time of 3 Hours 26 Minutes and 50.5 Seconds. Dickerson missed 2nd overall with Rob MacCachren’s #11 Trophy Truck combined times just 36 Seconds quicker.

    Broc Dickerson, Alumi Craft Race Cars, Class 10, Tijuana Desert Challenge, Bink Designs

    The Tijuana Desert Challenge, taking place on September 19-23, originally called for 2 days of heat racing, offering 2 laps per day, totaling 160 miles. Unresolvable land disputes forced SCORE to revise the course down to 2 Laps over a challenging 33.7 mile course for a total of 67.4 miles for each heat race. The new course included 2 check points and one remote pit location, with the entire race taking place in the Rancho Casian region of Tijuana, inland from the coast near Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. The Start and Finish were located by the developing area near Route 201.

    The heat races were separated into 3 Groups with the Class 10 designated into Group 2. Group 2, Heat 1 saw an all Alumi Craft Top 4 finish with Broc Dickerson pulling off the win and racing the 2 Laps totaling 67.4 miles in 1 Hour 45 Minutes and 11 Seconds.

    “We knew we had our work cut out for us with having to start last in our class,” explained Dickerson. “Right from the beginning, I just started charging and went straight into the dust. I was picking off cars one by one, and after the first lap, we had gotten half way through the field. About that time, I got 5 miles of clean air where we were able to catch up to and pass the leaders on time. The Alumi Craft Race Car did its thing with no issues and we ended up with 1:18 on second place after day one. After starting in the back and battling dust for the whole race, we start 1st tomorrow. It’s on!”

    Alumi Craft Race Cars, Class 10, Broc Dickerson, Bink Designs, Tijuana Desert Challenge

    Sunday’s Race [Heat 2] saw Group 2 with another all Alumi Craft Top 5 finish with another victory for Broc Dickerson in the #1023 Class 10 Buggy. Broc’s two 1st place race wins and combined heat finishing time was good enough to rank him 3rd overall and the highest placing buggy in the field. It should also be noted Dickerson was the highest ranking finisher with the most improved time on the second day. Broc was the 2017 Class 10 winner as well.

    “It is official!” declared Broc. “Race results are out and we ended up 1st in Class 10 and 3RD OVERALL Only being beat by 2 Trophy Trucks means we have one fast Alumi Craft Class 10! We started first and stayed out front the whole race to take the win. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.”

    Broc Dickerson, Alumi Craft Class 10, Bink Designs, Off Road Racing, Buggy, FOX

    Besides the all Alumi Craft podium finishes in both Heats 1 & 2, the combined overall finishing time resulted into an all Alumi Craft Buggy Class 10 podium.

    2018 SCORE Tijuana Desert Challenge – Overall Finish
    #1023 Broc Dickerson Brawley, CA Alumi Craft – 03:26:50.579
    (Group 2 / Heat 1 – 1st Place) (Group 2 / Heat 2 – 1st Place)

    Alumi Craft Class 10, Broc Dickerson, Bink Designs

    #1081 Matt Winslow Clovis, CA Alumi Craft – 03:29:49.442
    (Group 2 / Heat 1 – 4th Place) (Group 2 / Heat 2 – 2nd Place)

    Alumi Craft Race Cars, Class 10, Matt Winslow, Bink Designs

    #1062 J.J. Schnarr Reno, NV Alumi Craft – 03:35:03.086
    (Group 2 / Heat 1 – 2nd Place) (Group 2 / Heat 2 – 7th Place)

    Alumi Craft Class 10, J.J. Schnarr, Coast Aluminum, Bink Designs

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    Photography By: Bink Designs