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    Two Alumi Craft Class 10 Racers Finish In Top Ten Overall At SCORE Imperial Valley 250 Scorcher


    Imperial Valley, CA

    Alumi Craft racer Todd Winslow took the class 10 victory at the SCORE International Off-Road Racing Series, Imperial Valley 250 while finishing an amazing second place overall. According to Winslow, he had an uneventful day while beating all but the winning Trophy Truck to the finish line. Fellow Alumi Craft racer Jared Teague also stood on the podium; finishing third in class 10 and taking seventh place overall. While the Alumi Craft racers prospered, the brutal terrain and scorching heat took a toll on the rest of the field. The finishing rate of those who entered was an astonishingly low 31.76 percent.


    “It was brutal, our Alumi Craft car is the one to have,” said Todd Winslow, “It was tight and rough. We were prepared to hammer it if necessary but we didn’t need to. We had to do well here because we didn’t do the Baja Sur race. We finished 3rd at the 500, and 3rd at San Felipe, so it’s great to take a win. My son Matt and his co-rider Zack took the first two laps. The only issue they had was the late afternoon start. Matt had a dark visor on his helmet for the setting sun. He did not want to stop to change it once the sun went down, so he and Zack switched helmets instead. I got in to do lap three with my co-rider Kyle. I think this was the roughest course of the series. There was no wind so the dust was hanging in the valley and the heat was just awful. I didn’t prerun in the dark, so it was very challenging to stay on course. I had a couple close calls,but we made it. We hope to take the championship for Alumi Craft this year with a win at the Baja 1000. We are also thinking of getting another Alumi Craft chassis, a 2nd Gen car, because it’s longer. We do all our own prep but you have to start with the best platform. Whoever wins the thousand will probably win the championship.”


    Todd is well on his way to a great season while Jared Teague is just getting started. Jared purchased an older Alumi Craft that he is preparing for a run at the Best In The Desert series next year. He was surprised by the customer service provided by Alumi Craft on a used car. “We bought the car in March and John Cooley at Alumi Craft told us if there was anything we needed to let him know,” said Jared, “John came out before the race and did some tuning on the car that helped tremendously; it’s great to have that kind of support. The course was beat up pretty good and it was hotter than the gates of hell. We saw a lot of cars on their lids or broken down in the first 60 miles of the race. We were out front but missed a turn; letting a couple cars get past. We caught and passed a car and went back and forth with another. It’s hard to race wide open in the dark when there was so much potential for tearing up the car. It just wasn’t intelligent to push it in the dust with so many bad areas that could take you out. We had a slight electrical problem that we fixed right away. I can’t complain, for just a tune-up race we finished on the podium in third.”

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