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    Alumi Craft Grande Prerunner

    Grande is the Spanish word for big or large but it can also mean great. The Alumi Craft Grande is just what the name implies. It is not so much about a big vehicle as much as it is about big ideas. Of course, you can have a big car with big tires, a big motor and big suspension travel but for Alumi Craft it’s ultimately about building a car that you think is great. We use all of our skill, ingenuity and the best components available to deliver the custom built car of your dreams; capable of incredible performance, comfort, durability and even luxury if you desire. Let us build the greatest car ever designed just for you.

    Vehicle Specs

    ChassisAlumi Craft Grande Prerunner - Custom Client Configuration
    EngineCall For Details
    TransmissionCall For Details
    WheelbaseCall For Details
    TrackwidthCall For Details
    SuspensionCall For Details
    BrakesCall For Details
    Tires & WheelsCall For Details
    BodyCall For Details
    InteriorCall For Details

    Alumi Craft Lineup