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      Trackside Support Services

      Alumi Craft is dedicated to customer support. We have not missed a west-coast series shortcourse race going back to 2007. We are there with spares, expert advice and sometimes just a helping hand when you need it most. Alumi Craft can also be found at select desert races to provide support for our desert teams, Just check with us to confirm that we will be at the race you are attending.

      Custom Aluminum Fabrication

      As you might guess, Alumi Craft began by designing and fabricating bodies and components for racecars. We take special pride in the beauty and practicality of our designs. Extensive knowledge gained during years of competition goes into all of our fabricated components. They are not only created for exquisite looks but for durability and ease of use as well.

      Upgrades for Older Models

      Have an older chassis that you want to reconfigure? Alumi Craft can re-design and re-engineer your existing chassis for new suspension or drivetrain upgrades. We can seamlessly integrate revisions to your existing chassis that will be properly engineered for safety and functionality.

      Custom Fabrication

      Alumi Craft is a full service design and fabrication shop. Have an idea for an interesting component, new car design or a part for manufacture? Alumi Craft has the practical real world experience, the proper knowledge of processes and materials and the craftsmanship to make your ideas come to fruition. Let us apply our clean, simple design philosophy to your next project.

      Complete Race Prep

      Alumi Craft is well versed in the demands that are put on a race vehicle in competition. Let our seasoned professionals take complete care of your race car preparation. We provide proper diagnoses of the post-race condition of your vehicle and then apply our time tested and meticulous pre-race preparation so you have a safe, competitive vehicle every time you line up to race.

      Bumper-to-Bumper Service for Dual Sport/Sportsman

      Out having too much fun in your Dual Sport, Sportsman or Prerunner? Let our team of experienced technicians do a thorough examination and Bumper-to-bumper service on your car. Our experts can recognize unusual wear patterns and potential problems before they come up. When you trust Alumi Craft to service your vehicle, you are free to enjoy your car to its full potential without worrying about its condition.

      Suspension/Shock Tuning

      Alumi Craft can help you get the most performance out of your car through tuning of the shocks and suspension. A car with a properly tuned suspension is faster, better handling and easier to drive. Let us personally set-up your car for maximum performance.